From Crushed Bell to Better than New

The Ultrasonic Cleaning System

Florida Trumpets Service Department

Repair work isn’t just about dent tools and materials. It really comes down to trust.
Trust that the technician knows what he’s doing.
Trust that the technician has logged enough hours so you’re not the first.
Trust that he has the proper tooling to do the proper repair.
Trust that he has the knowledge to work with that tooling.
Trust that he understands your needs.
For over 40 years, we’ve kept that trust with our customers.
Fact is, our technicians have earned that trust and demonstrated their ability to deliver uncompromising work which allows our customers to perform at their optimum.
Fact is, our technicians have superior skills and enjoy delivering a high quality product.
Fact is, we constantly reinvest in our tooling, parts and supplies so you can enjoy a worry-free repair.
Fact is, our full time technicians have a combined 75 years of repair experience and have worked at All County Music for an average of 16 years.
Fact is, we can deliver just about anything you need done.

Unleash your trumpet’s full potential with the best repair techs in Florida.

Partial list of our Services include:

Ultrasonic cleaning
Dent work
Slide alignments
Valve Lapping and Honing
Bell replacement
Leadpipe replacement
Freeing stuck slides
Water key replacement
Mouthpiece pulling

Earning your trust one trumpet at a time